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Locking Up My Heart

adding not adding

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Hello Ashleigh!
I saw your posting on FB for the LJ group, thought we could be friends. Plus we have Becki in common :)

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I have added you (if that's OK!) - we have a few mutual friends :)

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Hey there! :) It's Sammy from the LJ Group on Facebook :) Was wondering if you wanted to be friends on here?

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Seen your post in the LJ group on FB. Maybe we can be friends?

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Hi! My name is also Ashley. I saw a post that you are looking for new active friends. I'm pretty active and am also looking for active friends. =)

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Hello!! My name is Erica. Saw you on the FB group and wondered if you'd like to be friends?

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I think I added you and forgot to comment lol! Care to be friends?

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I saw you in the FB group & was wondering if you would like to be friends? :)

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Hey sweet! Thanks for adding me, adding you back. The LJ Comm on FaceBook is awesome. So happy to be friends and looking forward to getting to know you more :D ♥

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Доброе утро! Интересный у Вас блог! Как на счёт взаимной дружбы? Вас уже добавил в друзья, жду взаимности! :-)

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Добрый день!

Заглянула к вам в журнал. Интересно!
Подружимся взаимно?

Заходите на мой френдмарафон. Друзей много не бывает!

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Wondered if you'd like give this being friends a go? =D

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pandaren: (Default)

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Ashhhh! It's me, Sammy :) I just added you! ♥